Our Mission: To organize and support a youth-led movement that promotes youth leadership, educational growth, and civic engagement throughout the world.

Who is Ignitus Worldwide?

Ignitus Worldwide is a non-profit organization seeking to establish leadership skills, a safe environment, community and capacity building and participation for youth across the globe. We aim to create empowering environments for youth, promote leadership development, and encourage civic engagement. We continue to strive to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of children worldwide, through education, leadership, assistance, scholarships, and partnerships.

What do we provide? 

We provide an educational leadership and personal development tool, which lays the foundation for the program and sparks community involvement and growth. Our program gives youth the tools to develop the essential life skills to become a leader in their own lives, communities and globalized world. We support these goals through many different initiatives and projects across the globe including our iLead 21 youth leadership program and educational services.

Where are we?

Our program can be implemented all over the world in any youth empowerment environment, including after school programs, clubs, organizations, youth groups, churches or sport clubs.

How do we operate?

Our organization collaborates with satellite locations all over the world to establish a safe environment for learning with community leaders, teachers and facilitators in order to reach the individual and collaborative goals of the youth in the community. We continuously seek out new partnerships with individuals and organizations that share our passion for youth empowerment, education and leadership, and really believe in our organizational goals. Please contact us if you wish to build a partnership with our organization!

Why join Ignitus Worldwide?

Becoming a member of Ignitus Worldwide comes with several benefits. It enables us to work together at achieving shared goals, allows organizations to build a network of and collaborate with like-minded organizations, and support each other on a local, national and international level.