Ignitus DR. Congo Works Hard to Provide a Safe School Environment for Orphaned Students

The Democratic Republic of Congo still faces the remnants of being a war stricken country, where education, employment, safety, and health are still deteriorated. Ignitus Worldwide DRC, headed by Brown Kabuyanga, has partnered with many other humanitarian organizations to improve these effects.

This Ignitus Worldwide site has been involved in recent projects to provide a safe learning environment for orphaned students in the Minova area of the DRC. Unfortunately, the violence of war has left many youth without parents and family members, so together with World Orphan Kids–a local organization–Ignitus DRC has assisted in providing a space for these students to learn, materials and resources for them to utilize, and most importantly an environment in which they feel safe and welcomed.

This project started in September 2013 and plans to continue throughout 2015. If you would like to learn more about this project or become involved in someway, please Contact Us Here.



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