Ignitus Site in Liberia launches new youth program: iCare


A country once ripped apart by civil war, Liberia now struggles to rebuild. With so many communities being left behind in the process, and with Youth being robbed of hope, opportunities, education, dignity and the right to choose their own paths and futures, we at Youth Crime Watch of Liberia are providing Youth the necessary tools, confidence and connections to take back their basic human rights and to be the change that the youth and their communities want to see in the places they live and throughout their country. Through iCare, we give youth the space and opportunities they deserve through powerful empowerment trainings on leadership, change, citizenship, community building, entrepreneurship and strategy so that they can be, live and realize the change they need in order to survive and to have the power of choice that years of civil war and neglect took from them.

Our youth, time and time again prove their dedication, love and passion for the development of their communities. With initiatives in community cleanups, armed and unarmed violence reduction, and preparing accommodations for their volunteer trainers, our youth have shown their motivation to act. Now, we are seeking to bring our youth to scale and help them to make city and country wide changes. With input from our development experts and the community youth we have created a web-like approach to create change, where youth from seven different communities not only work in their individual communities but work together to advocate to government, youth, and aid organizations to take charge of the future of their communities, create jobs and ensure sustainable, cooperative development.

–┬áJason Marchese,┬áProgram Assistant, Liberia

Activities in Liberia

Youth Rally for Violence Reduction Campaign

Activities in Liberia

Youth take initiative to prepare accommodations for their volunteer trainers

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