Ignitus Worldwide’s Nigeria Site set to implement iLead 21 program!


Nigeria’s current education system emphasizes traditional requirements that overlook exploratory learning. Because of this structure, creative self-discovery in the classroom environment is hindered. Students deserve more than the standard basis of an education. As a result, the curriculum from the iLead 21 program will be implemented in Queen Sheba Primary School in Ibadan, Nigeria. In addition to completing the instructional content for respective grades (math, science, reading/writing, and social studies), students will follow a leadership curriculum that supports the five iLead 21 principles. While maintaining the integrity of these principles, the curriculum will be tailored to the particular needs of the Nigerian culture. Students will engage in career development, critical thinking activities, team-based learning, and self-evaluation.

During a visit to Queen Sheba Primary School, a lack of understanding of true leadership was observed from the students. Nigeria has struggled with a poor democratic frameworks and limited infrastructural development. When examining the systems, one must scrutinize the derivations surrounding political leadership. Nigerian youth perceive authoritative roles (in some cases, corruptive) of political figures as the standard form of leadership. Using iLead 21 as the foundational basis, we hope to promote youth engagement and re-define student’s schema of leadership. The skills and principles students will learn through the curriculum will eventually be applied to a larger socio-political context.

– iLead 21 Nigeria Team (Risi, Sheri, Rucca, & Toyosi)


iLead 21 Nigeria

Risi (center) with students who will participate in the iLead 21 program

iLead 21 Nigeria

Risi at the school in Nigeria engaging the students on topics of Leadership

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