Our History

Ignitus Worldwide dates back to 1979, when Ignitus Worldwide started out as Youth Crime Watch of America (YCW)–That’s 35 years of experience empowering youth!!! As an organization, we focused on crime and violence reduction in specific areas, first around the U.S.A. and then also on an international level.

Mr. Jerry Rudoff

   Mr. Jerry Rudoff

The success of YCW and Ignitus Worldwide is due much to the passion and dedication of its founder, Jerry Rudoff (pictured on the right). In 2010, Mr. Rudoff took the position of Chariman of the Board for Youth Crime Watch and as a result, YCW has been restructured and rebranded under the name of Ignitus Worldwide.

In 2012 Youth Crime Watch transformed into Ignitus Worldwide, expanding our youth development services to include encouraging educational growth and leadership development, the development of crucial life skills, and becoming involved in the communities around us. We now focus not solely on crime and violence prevention and awareness, but also on youth empowerment and civic engagement.

What started out of a single school in Miami Florida, has since expanded to many U.S. states and into over 38 countries across 5 continents. We are eager and excited to expand even further into more schools, communities, and countries, as we continue our lasting history while Igniting youth Worldwide!