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Summer 2008: New sites join YCWC family in summer training sessions

Youth Crime Watch of Cameroon awareness sessions with a group called “Cercle des amis solidaires de Manewang” in Douala and with the “Association des jeunes solidaires – Generation 80 – zone de recasement bloc A” also in Douala. The sessions covered the basics of the Youth Crime Watch program. Participants discussed youth patrols, drug abuse, gang prevention, action projects, and financing. YCWC presented the sites with their own youth manuals and had representatives sign their commitment in YCWC’s “golden book.” We wish both sites the best of luck in their future efforts.

May 2008: Bepanda joins YCWC family

Youth Crime Watch of Cameroon held an awareness session at the collège polyvalent de Bepanda in Douala. Students learned the YCW basics and philosophy and participated in a spirited discussion of crime and violence prevention. The training was led by Mr. Gerard Sopté and Mr. Leundjou Armand Colin. The group chose Kenfrack Francis as their leader. Mr. Lymongac shall serve as advisor. The site president received a site manual and signed his commitment in YCWC’s “golden book” and the training ended with a group photo. We encourage this site to grow and develop. Good luck!

April 2008: YCW Cameroon meets with U.S. Embassy representatives; Introduces the “Watch Out! Help Out!” philosophy

Youth Crime Watch of Cameroon held its monthly meeting on April 5, 2008, in Douala to plan work for the near future. Outside of the usual agenda, the group was pleased to welcome special guests from the U.S. Embassy at this meeting: Embassy Branch Office (Douala) Director Robert Heater, Regional Security Officer Laura Williams and others. Led by Armand Colin Leundjou, YCWC representatives acquainted embassy staff with the crime watch program and it’s “Watch Out! Help Out!” philosophy. Embassy staff were, for their part, interested to know how they might aid YCWC efforts.

We can be hopeful that YCWC will join in a fruitful partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Cameroon to address issues surrounding youth and crime in country.

April 2008: Launching a college crime watch program

YCW Cameroon held an awareness session at the College Privé Iaïc La Manne- Douala on March 26, 2008. YCW representatives met with school administrators and a student core group to explain the “Watch Out! Help Out!” philosophy and goals of Youth Crime Watch. Students posed many insightful questions, which YCW reps were happy to address: Why should individuals take responsibility for crime prevention instead of just leaving it to the government? What would YCW do for the community outside of the schools? And more. The session provided a wonderful opportunity to discuss civic responsibility, the community serving aspects of YCW, and the dream of creating a crime-free environment. The student core group nominated an advisor, Mr. Ndo, the school’s disciplinarian. Photos from the session below: