Getting the Word Out

The NGB is tasked with producing the International Ignitus Newsletter.  It is designed to get the word out about youth promoting civic engagement throughout the world.

When the NGB members met for the first time, we knew then that we wanted to produce a newsletter that was edgy, practical, interesting and creative.  We wanted to spark the interest of youth worldwide to not only read the newsletter but, to look forward to its release dates and put the ideas into action.  The name of the publication is, “Spark The Message”.  It will include stories from and about youth around the world who are doing amazing things to make their communities better.  It will be one of our main communication avenues with you.  If you would like to submit articles, success stories, pictures, or creative ideas, email them to

Keep checking the website as we are planning for a national event.  Similar to other national organizations that have fundraising drives or events, we at NGB want to create a media event that takes place every Spring. One idea was to join in on the 2011 Global Youth Service Day event.  This event encourages youth all over the nation to engage in an activity, event,  or campaign on the same day.  The NGB would be the lead entity coordinating the logistics. If you are interested in being a local contact for such an event, email us at

Other strategies the NGB is working on to get the word out includes creating or helping local groups to create PSA’s that can be played on radio and TV.  We’re going to use blogs, podcasting, texting strategies, even movie theatre ads. We’ll also be training youth to be part of our Speakers Bureau.

Whew!!  We could use your help.  If you are interested in being involved with a group of youth who want to change the world…fill out an NGB application.