La’Qierra Chism

Name: La’Qierra Chism
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Birthplace: Bradenton, FL
Favorite Color: Purple

La Qierra, at first glance comes across shy, quiet, and soft spoken. Those qualities have given her the strength to be a leader among her peers.  She is also a member of the North Manatee Crime Stoppers.  She was chosen to represent Florida on the NGB.  Then, she was told she had to give a presentation in front of worldwide representatives. And she realized that she would be working with a group of youth from all over the world who might not speak English. Additionally, she realized that she was going to help create and deliver a marketing plan to complete strangers from across the world. LaQierra had never done any of these things, but, she took the challenge and is now representing youth from across the globe.