NGB Social Media Strategy

Follow Ignitus Worldwide on Facebook and Twitter.  We’ll also be posting PSA’s, promo videos, and other informational videos on YouTube, too!

How about helping us by posting positive text messages such as volunteer opportunities, employment options, or speaking to peers about Ignitus?

We’re always looking for short videos about your success stories, events, and any ways your group is changing your community where you live.

Right now, we’re in the process of deciding which promotional products and other branding items to offer local groups for purchase. They can help you with local recognition, promoting the Ignitus brand to recruit members, and they call attention to what you’re doing in the community. Let us know what types of products you’d like us to sell (such as t-shirts, water bottles, etc.)

A new idea we’re considering is a Social Media Ignitus Worldwide Day!  Something has to be done on Facebook for Ignitus by 500,000 people to qualify.  Any thoughts on this, new products, or other ideas, please email them to us at