Affiliate Contact Name: Ms. Yvonne de Sousa

This November 2012, the Policia Militar promoted the Solenidade de Posse of the student members of the JCC, Jovens Construindo a Cidadania of the state school Joaquim Bartholomeu Pedrosa in the municipality Fervedouro/MG. In this ceremony, there were 60 young people sworn in who form part of the Grupo Principal of the JCC, the leaders and heads of the program. The JCC, the Brazilian version of Youth Crime Watch, has for more than 20 years engaged young people in reducing violence and crime in many countries. In Brazil, the JCC has been developing since 1999.  The success of this program has gotten the attention of many authorities, which has caused the it to be adopted in many regions as a form of fighting back against crime in schools and communities. The program’s goal is to create a healthier school environment, free of drugs and violence, through behavioral changes. Its mission is to initiate a movement of youth leadership, taking advantage of the ability of young people to organize events and disseminate good actions in the school environment. Objectively, it aims to create favorable conditions so that the young person can be a leader in the construction of an enriched citizenship and of an even better society.

Jovens Construindo a Cidadania (Youth Building Citizenship) is the Ignitus Affiliate in Brazil and is our oldest international Affiliate, commencing program operations in 1999.

September 2011 – JCC Participates in “Projeto Flutuador”

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The Rede Globo, the biggest TV Station of Brazil, has developed a project named Projeto Flutuador (“The Floater Project”). As a partneship with the São Paulo University, a machine has been developed a machine with temperature and oxygen sensors to get all variations along the Tietê River (The most vital to the State of São Paulo), in order to know how much pollution exists in it. This machine also includes cameras and is pulled by a small boat. The trip began in the city of Salesópolis (close São Paulo, Capital), going from there to the city of Barra Bonita along 20 days. Although JCC is initially a crime prevention group, these young leaders successfully took on this initiative, working hard to help protect the environment through this project.




Brazil Ignitus Worldwide JCC recognition ceremony 2010

The Municipal Theatre “Camilo Fernandez Dinucci” was a stage of a JCC celebration (Youth Constructing Citizenship), part of Ignitus Worldwide. The program is in partnership with the Military Police and the Botucatu Mayor Hall. It involves youth over the age of 12. The speaker was Soldier Santana, JCC Advisor of City of Itatinga. Many presentations were given by students on stage. Also presenting was the Magic Alucham of Barra Bonita, State of São Paulo.

The following dignitaries were present: Secretary of Security, Secretary of Well Environment, President of Safety Council, Principals of all schools, Secretary of Education and the Senior Staff of the 12nd Battalion of the Military Police.

The Lt Col Siqueira, Commander of the Police HQ, stated that the JCC needs support to counter crime, drugs and violence inside the schools. The JCC Advisors in Botucatu are Soldiers Pontes, Tibúrcio, Benedito and Ocampos were also present and had attended the Orlando, Florida event in August, 2010 for the Affiliates Meeting.

Police Officer Pontes recognized how JCC Advisors teach citizenship, personal safety, and crime prevention every day. The instruction is also being used in students’ homes expanding the social impact. Both students and parents are embracing what’s being taught.

JCC Coordinator, Soldier Tibúrcio, explained that in 2002, he started the program in Botucatu after attending an event in the city of Ribeirão Preto where issues such as drug dealing and burgleries were discussed.

The JCC group is composed of 250 youths representing 10 schools in the city of Botucatu. The police visit individual schools and invite youth to take part in the program. Then, whatever problems happen in the school, students and police try to solve it with the authorization of the Regional Principals. Keeping in mind the rights of students, all actions are synchronized with the students, teacher, principals and parents.

JCC and the Nolasco Family Building Citizenship in Carangola –
Minas Gerais, Brazil

On December 25, 2009, the JCC group with their advisor, Soldier Fbio, participated in an event promoted by the Nolasco family and supported by Commissioner Candinho, former police officer of the state of Minas Gerais, and other partners and volunteers. At this event, the youth of JCC delivered about one thousand food boxes and many thousands of toys and t-shirts. JCC members expressed great satisfaction with their participation in this social activity and point to it as an example of citizenship and fraternity.

On Christmas Day, youths from the City of Uberlandia, worked as volunteers in their community helping and supporting a variety of community efforts to benefit all of those who reside there. JCC has been about promoting activities and philosophies of youth leadership, peace and fraternity in order to spread this culture throughout our society. It is up to each person in the program to be involved in these types of action programs in order to construct and build citizenship.