Affiliate Contact Name: Mr. Rwabira Joseph
Email: burundi@ignitusworldwide.org

Charting a Course for 2010
In a January 15 meeting led by Joseph Rwabira and Pascal Nzitonda in Musaga, YCWB selected members for its driving committee and charted its course for the year to come. In addition to the basic YCW components, YCWB has pledged to support work in a number of humanitarian areas such as disaster aid and environmental education. YCW should be active this year in Bujumbura, Nyakabiga, Kamenge, Buyenzi, and the rural Mwaro province in Nyakararo.

Burundi Celebrates Anniversary of Independence
Members of YCW Burundi turned out in force for a parade celebrating the 47th National Day of Independence on July 1, 2009. After the ceremonies in Bujumbura, YCWB members met for a reception in Buyenzi commune were speeches were delivered by the first the YCWB president. Afterwards, the floor was opened up to anyone who desired to say a few words.