Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Affiliate Contact Names: Mr. Brown Kabuyanga, Mr. Freddy Nizeyimana

Ignitus DRC currently is operating seven different projects involving capacity building on the culture of peace and non-violent communication. These projects are targeted to young people and leaders of religious denominations in the city of Goma. This project is scheduled to persist from 2013 to 2015.

An important aspect to this initiative involves holding training seminars for high school and university institutions students. These training seminars are also held for religious leaders on the culture of peace.

Through these programs the project has enabled an Inter-school Organization and an inter-university basketball competition.

These seminars have sparked a community led project on awareness of non-violent communication skills and the culture of peace in the Congolese community.

A working project of the Ignitus DRC is the construction of a school. The school will be a center for education and training, and the priority of the school will be training students in English language and computer skills. The school will be a place of learning for vulnerable children from the Katindo Military Camp in Goma.


Reaching Kids Outside of School:
Ignitus’ Congolese program extended its outreach to school children outside of the campus setting. The message: skipping school is not cool. The young people at Afia Stadium were recipient listeners. Pictured are youth members Rodrigue Zagabe Barishindi and Julien Baeni Shemitima with some members of their audience at the stadium.

Launching Other Sites:
Mr. Brown Kabuyanga, Country Representative /Director, Ignitus Worldwide of Democratic Republic of The Congo is launching activities to stimulate youth in different sites in Goma.

Meeting with National Police:
The group met with national police to introduce the Youth Crime Watch Program on May 12, 2010.

YCWDRC to Organize Summer Activities for Children:
Goma lies on a large inland lake whose shores people use as a beach, a dump, a water source. The beaches are plagued by violence. Ignitus youth took its message here as well.
In an effort to provide a positive outlet for children when school is out, there has been a decision to organize a series of summer activities — a “colonies des vacances” — beginning in July. Students are excited about the idea.

Reaching Out to At-Risk Kids at the Jiwe Institute:
The student body at the Jiwe Institute about 16 km outside of Goma are drawn from among the most desperate elements of society. They are abandoned children and street children, from environments ravaged by drugs and aggression. The young people spent an hour with Ignitus’ Freddy Nizeyimana in April, who introduced Youth Crime Watch program “watch out, help out” philosophy.

Freddy Nizeyimana introduces YCW concepts to students at Jiwe.