Guinea Bissau

Jovens Construindo a Cidadania (Youth Building Citizenship), the Ignitus Affiliate in Guinea-Bissau, has been quite active since its formation in 2009.

Affiliate Director: Naiel Saiti Cassama


The Ignitus Worldwide site in Guinea Bissau is currently focused on educating and empowering the youth in their community. Ignitus Affiliates have a weekly show on Youth Radio, which allows them the opportunity to disseminate information about Ignitus Worldwide and existing programs.

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Photo Caption: IGNITUS Guinea Bissau has been broadcasting on a local radio program to incite public mobilization. The program airs every Saturday on Youth RADIO from 5 am at 5:30.

The Guinea Bissau Ignitus Affiliates have taken great initiative to work with different facets of the national and local governments.  There is an ongoing partnership between Ignitus Worldwide Guinea Bissau, the Judiciary Police, and the Minister of Internal Administration to prevent crime, drugs, and violence in their communities.

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Photo Caption: Entire community of Bor Neighborhoods starts the program in presence of King of the Neighborhood and police agents and press

Ignitus Worldwide has a strong presence in Guinea Bissau due to the dedicated leaders. The affiliates in Guinea Bissau are currently participating in a capacity building training. Our goal is to be able to help the Ignitus Worldwide team in Guinea Bissau acquire a site to operate from. Guinea Bissau is striving to be a key player in our international network of Ignitus Worldwide affiliate and we aim in 2013 to get sites like this partnering with other Ignitus Worldwide sites around the world.

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Photo Caption: In order to build capacity and accountability in their community, Ignitus Guinea Bissau held a meeting with the community in the Bor Neighborhood. At this meeting there was a presence of the press and police department of civil protection.


October 2011: Affiliate featured in National Radio Station!

On October 20th, 2011, Ignitus Worldwide Guinea Bissau was featured in a program on radio station Radio Jovem, where they were able to spread the word throughout the entire country about Ignitus and its programs. During the upcoming three months, Ignitus will continue to be featured in the show, which will help mobilize youth all throughout the country to get involved and make a difference!

September 2011: Ignitus in Guinea Bissau to be Represented at the Mines Action Canada’s Youth Leaders Forum!

Naiel Cassama, Affiliate Director of our Ignitus Worldwide affiliate in Guinea Bissau, has been selected to participate in Mines Action Canada’s Youth Leaders Forum, located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The five-day forum, taking place from November 28th to December 2nd, 2011, aims to introduce and train new social justice advocates on leadership, group management and communication skills. We congratulate Naiel for being chosen for such a unique opportunity, and will keep you updated on the success of the event when it takes place.

2010 In Review: YCW-GB Releases Their Annual Report

In 2010, Youth Crime Watch Guinea Bissau celebrated their first anniversary as an affiliate of Ignitus Worldwide! During this first year, they have been working hard to set the foundation of this program in many of the country’s provinces and regions, and creating partnerships that will prove important for the growth of the affiliate. Click here to read their Annual Report for 2010.

JCC Marches against Cluster Bombs

JCCGB members joined other youth associations in a march from Chapa de Bissau to Praça dos Heróis Nacionais on the morning of August 1, 2010. The event culminated in a meeting to talk about the Convention on Cluster Munitions which went into force on that day. Beating a drum as they went, the walkers symbolically called for all countries to respect the ban on cluster bombs.

JCCGB Group Cleans up to Fight Cholera

The Bancada Brasil site of JCC Guinea-Bissau organized a two-day volunteer community cleanup in June 2010 in preparation for the impending cholera season. The activity climaxed in a well-deserved celebration on June 1st with musical entertainment from four local youth, a poem competition and a fashion show. JCC Guinea-Bissau board members Malam Camará, Buan Nambana, Adepdoc Có and Jason David were on hand to pass out rewards.

JCC/YCW Guinea-Bissau Participates in Community Panel to Select Police Officer Candidates

As a part of the United Nations police reform process in Guinea-Bissau, JCC/YCW has been invited to sit on a panel evaluating applications for police positions at a new model police station in Bairro Militar. All positions from corporal to colonel need to be filled. The panel of six includes three police staff from the United Nations Integrated Office for Consolidation of the Peace in Guinea-Bissau (UNIOGBIS), one member of the UNIOGBIS human rights unit, one member of the staff of the National Police Commissioner, and one civil society representative. It is a mark of the esteem in which JCC/YCW is held in Guinea-Bissau that it was chosen for such a task.