The Ignitus Worldwide Program in Monrovia, Liberia is currently working to restore the existing Young Women’s Empowerment Center that is not currently operational due to lack of financial resources. The Young Women’s Empowerment Center, which is equipped with $19,000 worth of materials and equipment, was dedicated to providing Liberian women and children with access to a safe environment and to facilitating a movement towards gender equality. Three areas of critical concern that the center’s programs fought to address were (1) Reducing gender based sexual assault and rape, (2) Educating women on the spread of HIV/AIDS, (3) Emphasis on obtaining higher education and career development.

The Liberian Ignitus site is partnering with Peace Child International, Continental Rescue Africa, Ushahidi-Liberia, Equip Africa USA, UNDP, and the Japanese Government to achieve their goals. However, Ignitus Worldwide continues to seek funding through donors and foundations to help enable the Libertian Ignitus site to re-open the doors of the Young Women’s Empowerment Center.

Disclaimer: This Ignitus Site maintains its previous title under the former non-profit, Youth Crime Watch, on their website and Facebook page.

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