Miami-Dade County, Florida

Youth Crime Watch (YCW) of Miami-Dade County in conjunction with the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department once again coordinated the YCW “Stop the Violence” Blue Ribbon Week campaign for all grade levels during the week of April 20 (April 19-23, 2010). “Stop The Violence Day” is on April 20. It was a successful venture in promoting youth crime prevention to Miami-Dade County Public School students. Several of our YCW school programs (clubs) participated in the campaign and demonstrated their willingness to educate their peers to “stop the violence” by: decorating their schools with blue ribbons to visualize a commitment on living a violence-free lifestyle, posting violence prevention posters on several safety topics, scheduling YCW “Blue Ribbon Week” assemblies, and broadcasting safety tips & the YCW “Stop The Violence” poem during school announcements.

Dr. Michael Krop Senior High’s YCW “crime educators” school program (club), proactively coordinated more youth crime prevention activities and events at the school during the second half of the school year. Dr. Krop’s YCW “crime educators” school program coordinated the school’s MDCPS Youth Violence Prevention Summit. The summits were an initiative by MDCPS Superintendent Alberto Carvalho for every Miami-Dade Senior High school to host a youth-driven Violence Prevention Summit.

School Principal Dr. Matthew Welker delegated for the school’s YCW “crime educators” program to take the lead in organizing the summit. YCW School Advisor Kim Ferreira and the student members excelled in their orchestration of the event. The school’s summit was comprised of  a “call to action– all eyes, all hands, all hearts” motivational presentation conducted by Ms. Ferreira and student members of the YCW “crime educators” governance committee, a question & answer session with a panel of youth crime prevention experts, a YCW Student of the Week recognition presentation, and an inspiring “Come Together as One” video presentation during the summit’s finale. Students, parents, faculty, and administration attended the summit. YCW of Miami-Dade County set up a YCW Exhibit Materials Booth to disseminate youth crime prevention materials to summit attendees.