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Third Eye Prepares for April 1st Conference!

The Third Eye of Rhode Island is preparing to kick off their very own Regional Conference with a unique initiative: April Friends Day! It falls on April 1st, a day that is typically known for pulling pranks and bullying people. Many students all around the nation are scared to go to school that day because bullies supposedly have the right to bully them. This is something that Third Eye has taken a stand to change, because it is better to make a friend than to hurt one and possibly lose one. Find out more about what Third Eye has planned for this conference – click here!

YCW Program in Ponaganset School System Growing in Leaps and Bounds!

Students of the Ponaganset school system have been involved with every Third Eye YCW training over the past three years, and were major participants in the 1st annual RI Third Eye Youth Leadership conference held at the University of Rhode Island in March 25-26, 2011. The two programs serving the Ponaganset High School program are called “SOS, or Share our Strength” and “S.T.A.R.S., or Students Taking Action for Real Situations.” The Ponaganset Middle School is represented by S.W.A.T. (Student Watch Alert Team). To find out more about these programs’ activities, click here.

From Pep Rallys to Charity Days: McCourt Middle’s YCW Members Show Creativity to Promote Their Program!

Over the past four years, SMAD members have participated in and presented at several RI Third Eye leadership and implementation trainings and conferences. They have taken a leadership role in planning and conducting a variety of projects aimed at enhancing the physical and social conditions at their school. The range of projects they have planned and conducted is broad, and have focused primarily on three outcomes: to raise school spirit & pride, to fundraise for donations to local and state charities, and to help to beautify the school property. Find out more about this school and their recent achievements here.

New England Third Eye Conference
In 2010, a series of Regional Youth Summits will replace Ignitus’ National Youth Crime Prevention Conference, taking the 20-year tradition of our National Conferences to a local level. Regional summits will convene in Florida and Rhode Island in March and in Kentucky in June. The Rhode Island summit builds upon the successful “Third Eye” conferences organized by the New England affiliate.
The YCW New England Third Eye Conference was held March 25-26, 2010 at the University of Rhode Island Providence Campus, The University of Rhode Island is co-sponsored the event, along with the RI Attorney General’s Office and CABINS of Lincoln, RI.  There were over 450 attendees.
All workshops were presented by youth members and adult advisors. Entertainment included an Irish step dance team, a martial arts exhibition, music from DJ Crazy Phil, and skits, plays and performances by various schools. On the second afternoon all participants were involved in a service project to create solar lanterns from old plastic soda bottles that can be distributed to the homeless and people in need in Rhode Island as well as sent for use by the people now living in the disaster stricken areas in Haiti. The event culminated with an awards ceremony accompanied by a dance to celebrate all that the Third Eye students have accomplished over the year.

Help for Haiti
The kids at Feinstein Middle School in Coventry, Rhode Island, raised over $12,000 for Haiti with a secret auction and pasta dinner event on February 11. Over 1,500 people attended. Proceeds went to organizations helping earthquake victims in Haiti. The Feinstein group has posted photos of the event on a dedicated
website:  Great work!

National Stop Bullying Day
Spring is a time for new beginnings, a fresh start. That’s why Third Eye/Youth Crime Watch is sponsoring “April Friends” the first ever National Stop Bullying Day. Too many of our youth spend their days in fear of bullies, of having degrading, mean-spirited lies, rumors, and jokes made about them on the internet. Too many have taken their own lives because of it. So on April 1, 2010, instead of April Fools, be April Friends, and help stop senseless bullying, cyberbullying, violence, and abuse.  Be part of the solution, NOT the problem.

Spread the message on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, whatever. Our goal is to have 1 MILLION people join us on April 1st to launch National Stop Bullying Day…and that if everyone pays it forward, maybe next year we can celebrate 10 MILLION, 20 MILLION and more, even go International!  You can “be the change”. Together, we can change the world; change the lives of young people, one person at a time.