Affiliate Contact Name: Risikat Ademola, Toyosi Oyelowo, Sherifat Ademola, Rucca Ademola       ilead21pic2

Current Project: Many areas of Nigeria have limited academic resources and poor infrastructure, which makes receiving a solid education challenging. This Ignitus Worldwide site has built a lasting relationship with the Queen Sheba school, a primary school located in Ibadan, Nigeria, in aims of implementing our iLead 21 youth leadership development program.

Led by four passionate young women (pictured below), this project and curriculum was designed to empower the Queen Sheba students to acquire the leadership skills necessary to ignite change in theirschool and communities. This IWW site is projected to launch their pilot iLead 21 program in December 2014 and hope to have the youth leadership program up and running with full force by Summer 2015. 

iLead 21 Nigeria Team

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