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Saying No to Bullying Through Art: Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School’s Poster Contest a Success!

Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School is at it again! Click here to read more about their poster contest to raise awareness against bullying, and check out the winning posters!

Great American Teach-In a Success in Hillsborough County!

Great American Teach-In

The 2010 Great American Teach-In, part of Hillsborough County Schools’ American Education Week celebration, was held on Thursday, Nov. 18, at various schools throughout the county.

In its 17th year, the Teach-In continues to surprise, delight and educate the district’s students with its wide array of topics. Teach-In has become one of the most anticipated events of the entire school year. Approximately 15,000 volunteer presenters attended this year.

At the South County Career Center in Hillsborough County, Youth Crime Watch of Florida/Ignitus Worldwide conducted a training session with their newly formed Youth Crime Watch Group.

The group covered issues on crime, how it effects youth, and various initiatives that they could plan to help decrease crime in their environment. They learned how to run events, the importance of assessment of their school and created a timeline of events that would help keep their school safe.

From this training, they have created a Youth Patrol that has already had great success in positively changing the school culture.  Their other goals include starting a performance team that will also be used to speak to peers and younger kids about crime, drugs and being the best they can be.

Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School in Pinellas Park, FL A Pie-throwing Fundraiser Success!

This is your chance to legally pie-throw at a teacher!

The Phantom Youth Patrol held a recent creative fundraising event. Their first attempt at raising money involved students throwing whipped cream pies at faculty and staff. The funds will go to pay for their attendance at the 2011 Ignitus Summit event and to create several youth anti-crime public service announcements. Not only was the fundraiser a hit but they attracted more members to the Patrol, too. Already, teachers are lining up to turn the tables for a pie-throwing throw-down of students next year, predicted to raise double the funds.

Bring it on!

Hope this is worth it!

Hmm… tastes like lemon!

I’m going to do the throwing next year!

Florida Conference Youth Summit

In 2010, a series of Regional Youth Summits replaced YCW’s National Youth Crime Prevention Conference, taking the 20-year tradition of our National Conferences to a local level. The first regional summit was held in Orlando, Florida in March.

The summit focused on three main areas of concern: Drug and alcohol use, bullying, and internet safety. The final workshop session is designed for your group to plan and organize an action project for the 2010-2011 school year. At the summit: Periwinkle Theatre for Youth gave a special performance of Halfway There, a drama based on true stories of young people fighting addiction.