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June 2011 – Moving Forward Through Transformational Leadership

The month of June was a great stepping stone to Ignitus Worldwide in Zambia. Through many obstacles, it was proved that we have abundant human resource and potential sponsors to support our projects. During Mr. Chris DiCarlo’s trip and visit to Africa in June 2011 there was one most significant point that was raised and this was about how the secretariat offices in each country could sustain themselves and have full time paid up staff. This is a challenge to Ignitus worldwide Zambia, but as a secretariat we had a meeting to see how best we could do in finding means and ways to raise funds and resources to support and achieve our goals as an organization.

We held a three-day meeting to develop a strategic plan and from this meeting we realized that within ourselves we have to potential to achieve and get solutions to the challenges we are facing. During this meeting we looked at the most important activities that we need to work on and these are mobilizing of assets for the organization, how to engage citizens into community change and advocacy, developing the community through peace-building. In so doing we have embarked on a Capacity Building Program and we hope to have a number of our staff to go through leadership trainings in certificate programs offered by the Coady Institute of Leadership based in Canada.

Resource mobilization is very important to us and we are hoping to see new sponsors and partners coming on board to support our activities in a variety of thematic areas. We know that funding is hard to come by and on other hand due to the economic crisis facing a lot of financial institutes and governments, we still need support to have our programs running constantly, we have come up with a fundraiser (take a child to school) through a school bus system were we are also going to promote the component on crime prevention and bus safety.

We are looking for donations of big buses or finances needed to purchase these buses, in order for us to be able to transport youth to their respective schools, and use the funds raised to sustain its programs on a long-term basis.

To donate and contribute to this project please contact us at

August 2010 – YCWZ Members Delegating Internationally

In August 2010, youth around the world gathered in Turkey to discuss their active participation in regards to Community leadership and development. Once again a representative from Youth Crime Watch Zambian secretariat took a bored step to represent the program on an international forum, Peace Child International. We are living a global network and as youth it is of great importance that we get involved in matters that affects us internationally and world wide. It is hence very important for us to be united with a common cause if we are to bring about development in our respective countries and regions of the world. In the same year an even greater achievement took place, as Youth Crime Watch was rebranded as Ignitus Worldwide, giving the emphasis on the unity that we have a youth across the world.
Indeed, we need to ignite that change within the youth; they need that time and opportunity to explore their full potential and this can be done through the leadership programs such as this one.

January 2009 – Members of Ignitus in Zambia become UNICEF Child Ambassadors

Being part of Ignitus Worldwide is a stepping stone to civic engagement, helping youth and providing them at an early age with a platform to really explore there potential and to take responsible steps into leadership. Khondwani Joe Banda and Thokozile Siwale had been members of the Ignitus Zambia site at Rhodes Park School, and on January 2nd, 2009, they became part of UNICEF Zambia’s Child Ambassadors program. It was built in partnership with The Education Post to help represent the interests of other young people. This initiative is part of a strong commitment to the importance of involving young people in the realization of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The four Child Ambassadors – 16-year-old Khondwani Joe Banda , 13-year-old Luyando Mutale Katenda, 11-year-old Grace Mwenya and 16-year-old Thokozile Siwale – were appointed at a ceremony led by UNICEF Zambia Representative Lotta Sylwander along with the Editor of Zambia’s leading educational supplement The Education Post, Yvonne Pele-Shibemba. The young people completed a rigorous application and interview process after responding to an advertisement in The Education Post. “In taking stock of our programming, we found that we do not have enough child participation,” said Ms. Sylwander. “We intend that this programme will enable our young ambassadors to bring to the table issues about children in their various communities, as well as to use the opportunity to learn more about our work and how best they can represent the interests of other children.”

The Child Ambassadors will serve on a pilot basis for one year. They attended the induction ceremony with their parents, guardians, other close relatives, as well as their school teachers and principals.

“It is my hope that the programme will help our young ambassadors cultivate their leadership skills while instilling positive attitudes and helping them set and achieves their personal goals. It is also my hope that the programme will spread the message about the vulnerability of children in many parts of Zambia,” said Ms. Sylwander. The young people will advise UNICEF on its programme activities, serve as masters of ceremony at public events, visit UNICEF projects in the field, and write a monthly column for the Education Post, amongst many other activities.

In her remarks at the ceremony, Ms. Pele-Shibemba said, “As a weekly supplement that exists to give voice to the young people of Zambia over issues that concern them, the Education Post looks at this morning’s appointment of Kondwani, Thokozile, Luyando and Grace as a defining moment in the history of the publication. “The Education Post, in partnership with UNICEF, received an overwhelming response from young people across Lusaka Province, for the position of UNICEF Zambia Country Office Child Ambassador. The quality of presentations during the subsequent interviews was illuminating, and gave us a strong hope that this country is blessed with abundant talent for present and future generations.

YCWZ Takes Part in 16 Days of Gender Equality Events
The girl child has typically been left out of most gender promotion programs. The YCW skit group took part in a march that to promote the participation of equal rights and gender balance in the community. The girl child is has just the same rights as that of the boys and they all subscribe to good citizenship and child rights. As young people we all have the chance to participate in the development of our society and communities. Both girls and boys, have the same rights were gender development is concerned and it is this regard that every youth and child is valued individually and collectively and cam can play a role in leadership and being responsible for our development as leaders.

We would like to thank our Zambian government for allowing the youths to take part in leadership in respect of the gender of the youth.  Both youth male and female have been seen taking up the leadership roles in the community and society unlike in previous years were it was seen that the males were always seen to do the works in community development were the females were delegated to do duties that only had to do with home management and this saw to less females being involved in house hold based management.
Youth Crime Watch thanks the government of Zambia for having introduced the department of Gender in development to look in the balance in participation of both sexes in the development of our nation.