Keeping Kids in School

5Ignitus Worldwide understands the importance of youth obtaining an education. In many areas of the world, even in North America, kids don’t complete primary, elementary, and high school. We provide programming and support that helps ¬†assist schools, youth centres and organizations in developing dropout prevention plans and practices to help reduce this problem, and to increase the high school graduation rate across the globe!

This program is tailored to the specific site and often includes the following topic areas:

  • Fostering and improving student-teacher relationships
  • Developing a classroom culture and environment that nurtures success
  • Current policies and practices in place
  • Retention practices
  • The importance of attendance

Together with America’s Promise, Ignitus Worldwide is committed to obtaining the GradNation Goal of reaching a 90% graduation rate in the U.S.A. but 2020. We are also working hard in our international sites to increase attendance, graduation and enrolment into post-secondary schooling!