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Yesterday Ignitus Worldwide gave a presentation to the Young African Leaders Initiative Network in Washington D.C., where our affiliate director to the D.R. of Congo Ignitus Site, Brown Kabuyanga, is participating! The theme of the event was “Young African Leaders and the Mid-Term elections.” Government officials from the Democratic People´s Republic of […]

Brown Kabuyanga, IWW DRC Affiliate, Visits D.C.!

Ignitus Worldwide has started an online fundraiser to raise awareness and funds to support their active sites worldwide! This money will go towards subsidizing the cost of implementing some of our programs, and to supporting the current programs that are active! Please join us in donating to help keep our […]

Let’s Raise Money and Awareness!

Attendance Awareness
  Officially starting yesterday, September is “Attendance Awareness Month”! An organization called Attendance Matters first started this campaign to raise awareness and knowledge of the importance of attendance for youth in schools all over the globe! America’s Promise has provided us with many valuable facts and toolkits that youth, parents, […]

Attendance Awareness Month