Join Our Network

Joining Our International Network

Ignitus has three ways in which you can become part of our rapidly growing youth-led system:

  • Your existing youth program can form a partnership with our network
  • Your existing youth-led organization can become a part of Ignitus Worldwide
  • Or have our expert trainers assist you with your youth leadership programs.

We are always looking for ways to partner with other organizations. We are also open to bringing additional programs of interest to youth into the Ignitus Worldwide system. Or, if you are interested in acquiring help with your existing youth programs, Ignitus has over 20 years of experience delivering training in youth leadership, program set-up and organization, and implementation of our proprietary safety and mentoring programs. Expert Master Trainers will visit your community and deliver 3-5 days of training for both adults and youth.

Contact us with your questions about your particular needs or ask for our trainer pricing information.

Start an Ignitus/Peer Mentoring Program in your school or community.

Ignitus is here to help new groups start youth led and safety programs. Our international experts will assist in developing and implementing our Mentoring programs. We offer on-site training and year round technical assistance. Want to IGNITE a program in your school or community? Please contact us to schedule a telephone interview with an Ignitus representative who will review with you program requirements and costs.