Sierra Leone

Affiliate Director: Alex Joseph Amara

20b Wilkinson Road, P.O. Box 1433
Freetown, Sierra Leone
West Africa
Mobile: 232-78-541094

About Youth Crime Watch of Sierra Leone

Since the end of the brutal and senseless war in Sierra Leone, crime, violence and drug abuse among youth has been on the increase. In response, a group of young people came together to sensitize their fellow youth. Their efforts made such an impact that a good number of youths changed their life style to a better one. To continue this good work, Emmanuel Sartie made contact with YCWA, and established Youth Crime Watch of Sierra Leone in October 2003 with the aim of taking an active role in reducing crime in institutions and communities with support from stakeholders such as Civil Society, local and international NGO’s, the government of Sierra Leone, United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL), Civil Police Unit (CIVPOL).

Today, Youth Crime Watch of Sierra Leone supports “watch out” activities, such as crime reporting and “help out” activities, such as monitoring, mentoring and mediation. It provides:

  • Background information about Youth Crime Watch
  • YCW awareness presentations
  • YCW implementation training for your site
  • Technical assistance getting your site started
  • Technical assistance once your site is up and running

News from Sierra Leone

Youth workshop a success

YCW Sierra Leone joined together with Street Kids Business Organisation to run a workshop from the 30th January to the 11th February 2009. The workshop aims were twofold (i) to teach young people not to be involved in drugs and violence (ii) to train youth to be gainfully involved in meaningful business activities so as to prevent from being idle. As idleness is the recipe for drug taking and violence.  The two organisations provided the following assistance: Youth Crime Watch provided drugs-use prevention training, material on conflict resolution and other related problems while Street Kids Business provided training in business concepts, capital costs, budgeting, operating costs and other business related topics.

Participants were drawn from various youth groups, and workshops fell into topical areas such as food and nutrition, cosmetology, carpentry, dressmaking and so on.

To reach many youths, the two organisations decided to run this workshop as a Training of Trainers so that more youths will be served.

Therefore the participants were drawn from different groups and institutions. At the end of this workshop, the participants were asked to draw up work plans as they were going to be involved in the training of their fellows in the different groups as they will be followed by the two organisations.

The two organisations have made a joint monitoring plan to follow the participants.