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Affiliate Director: Peter-Don Brandt

YCW South Africa Enlightened and Aware About Substance Abuse!

On September 3rd and 4th, 2010, YCWSA, in partnership with SANCA (The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence), hosted a program of Substance Abuse and counseling training.

The different classifications and kinds of drugs were discussed, as different communities relate to different kinds of drugs, and to assist the youth from overcoming or staying away from dangerous substances, the leaders need to know these differences and the actions that must be taken for each.

During the training, they talked about the reasons why young people do drugs, discussing factors such as peer group pressure, experimentation, spoiled teenagers and emotional and demographic issues. The stages of addiction enhanced the knowledge of the participants to know how and when to identify a captivated person.
Suzette Nel from SANCA trained the participants the basic skills of a counselor. She suggested using the S.O.L.E.R strategy to communicate to addicted persons:

S   –   Square

O  –  Open

L   –   Lean

E   –   Eye Contact

R   –  Relax

The training was very successful and many students were sent back to their school with the mission of helping peers on recovery and preventative measures.

YCW South Africa


Special message

Hello to ALL of our friends…  My name is Johan Bester and I have been given the privilege of taking over the leadership of YCW South Africa from Mr. Eric Ohene as Country Director Youth Crime Watch South Africa.  I am very proud of this opportunity considering that I have been a teacher in South Africa for the past 15 years and have had the opportunity to become familiar with the psyche of our South African children. I am also part of the police reservist for 23 years and carry the rank of Inspector. The moment I was told of Youth Crime Watch I realized what a tremendous opportunity this was for my country. With your blessing and guidance I want to build a Youth Crime Watch South Africa which can be an example to the rest of the world. I firmly believe that the youth of this country deserve a chance to grow up free of crime and criminals and YCW can give back what these bullies have taken from them.

My full name is: Salomon Johannes Bester but my friends call me Johan.
Mailing address:
S. J. Bester
P. O. Box 888
South Africa 1441

More News!

Youth Crime Watch South Africa added yet another site to its list in the Rainbow Nation, the Princefield Trust School. The launch of the Princefield Trust School YCW coincided with the Annual Nationwide Distribution of Diaries from the South Africa Police Service. Captain Tessa Jensen, the Communication Director at the Pretoria Central Police Station was at hand to launch the new YCW site to distribute the diaries.

Captain Jensen, who is the Senior Advisor to Youth Crime Watch South Africa, also took time to explain the concept of the YCW program to the enthusiastic students. The Country Director of Youth Crime Watch South Africa, Mr. Eric Kwakye Ohene advised the core group to be vigilant and stay positive, as this is the only way they can impact positively on the student body and the community at large. Captain Jensen was the one to distribute the School Diaries to all the students present on behalf of the South African Police Service.