Director: Frank Kiwalabye
Phone: (256) 754051991
P.O. Box 11281, Kampala
East Africa

Ignitus Uganda is a non-governmental organization that was established in Uganda in January 2005. It was first operating as Youth Crime Watch Uganda but has since changed it’s name to Ignitus Worldwide. The organization focuses on mobilizing youth to initiate and implement activities that are developmental in nature and dedicated to the improvement of the lives of youth and the communities they serve within Uganda.

They are now in the seventh year of dedicated service to the people of Uganda and have a remarkable history of exceptional accomplishments with very limited resources. These accomplishments include: Crime and Drug Prevention Education and Awareness classes, Empowerment and Capacity Building Skills for Youth workshops, Sustainable Agricultural Projects, HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness programs, among many other community development efforts.

As part of our global partnership, Frank Kiwalabye (Affiliate Director of our Ignitus Worldwide affiliate in Uganda), has recently produced 200 iLead books to be delivered to our pilot leadership project in Kenya.

September 2011

Uniting for Crime Prevention: Ignitus Uganda Affiliate Director Participates in 16th World Congress of the International Society for Criminology

Frank Kiwalabye, Affiliate Director of our Ignitus Worldwide affiliate in Uganda, presented a paper concerning crime prevention in the country at the 16th World Congress of the International Society for Criminology (ISC), which convened in Osaka, Japan in 2011. He was able to meet with Professor Stephan Permentia, the secretary general of ISC who promised to help Ignitus organize a crime prevention course in Africa and Kiwalabye was also invited to participate in the 3rd African postgraduate course of victimilogy, victim assistance and criminal justice in Johannesburg, starting later in October of 2011.

In Cooperation with the World Society of Victimology, we hope to start peace building and conflict resolution in northern Uganda where there has been a war for more than two decades. In 2011, Kiwalabye gave a presentation at the Sexual Violence research institute Forum in Cape Town.